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Girlfriends Nail Shoppe is a full-service Nail Spa for all your professional hand and foot care needs! We are a CND full systems certified Spa, CND Shellac, Brisa Gel and Liquid & Powder Forever French Salon! CND is the global leader in the professional nail , hand and foot beauty products and services. We only use the best products, in a safe way to ensure the health and integrity of our clients fingers and toes! Our salon offers YOU, a professional service in a relaxing and fun atmosphere!

Shonelle Grant
Professional Nail Technician & Owner | CND Education Ambassador

177 Sears Avenue
Louisville, KY. 40207


From Our Happy Clients

  • "I honestly never knew what an amazing manicure or pedicure was like before I stared coming to Shonelle at Girlfriends Nail Shoppe. My nails always look amazing, and the color stays on. My color will grow out before it ever chips or peels off. My nails are healthier and stronger than ever. Shonelle is just as wonderful at classic nail colors as she is fun and funky colors and nail art. I am so glad I found Shonelle at Girlfriends Nail Shoppe!!! I am definitely a happy and loyal client!!!"
    Jessica Bodden
  • "Shonelle has been caring for my nails and toenails for over 10 years. I never had pretty nails before I met her! Shonelle is the ultimate professional-her attention to cleanliness, her caring manner, and beautiful results, Getting my nails services is like visiting my good friend and leaving looking and feeling great!"
    Maryann McCafferty
  • "I have been a client at Girlfriends Nail Shoppe since its inception to this date. i have watched Shonelle become the professional nail tech she is today, and would not hesitate to refer my friends to her. The knowledge she has acquired over the years is shown in the beautiful nails she produces that makes me proud to show my hands to others. Also if you have a problem with your toenails, she is an expert in making them look great!! Visit Girlfriends Nail Shoppe and you won't be disappointed."
    Wilma King
  • "Shonelle at Girlfriends has been doing my nails for over 10 years. Not only is she an expert in her field but she has become a good and trusted friend. Shonelle takes her time with every client, and her end product always shows her dedication to customer satisfaction. Getting my nails done by Shonelle at Girlfriends is a very personal and enjoyable experience!"
    Martha Lampe
  • "Always thorough when giving me a manicure! The products used are high quality so I don't have to worry about it chipping, peeling or damaging my nails! When I go to Girlfriends Nail Shoppe, I know I'm getting a quality service!"
    Shamica King
  • "WoW, I can't say enough about Girlfriends Nail Salon..Its not a lifesaver but a NAILsaver! I have had services provided by each of the talented techs and they are all some kind of wonderful.
    Knowledgeable, up to speed on Total nail care and distinguished at their craft. Not to mention they are aware and available to incorporate all of the newest trendsetting applications. This nail spot is simply amazing!"
    Ratonya Friedman
  • "Girlfriends Nail Shoppe...professional-timely-amazing experience- and always the latest colors & style!"
    Marita Willis
  • "Shonelle offers the highest quality of service in business. Her shop is clean; stocked and up to date on the latest in nail trends. It's a home away from home; I can go to unwind and know I'm getting the best treatment there is. If, I bring my children she is always welcoming of them as if they were her own. Her professionalism is the highest quality and I leave looking forward to my next visit. I never have to worry when I'm at Girlfriend's and my nails have never looked better!"
    Shannon B.
  • "From the time you enter Girlfriends Nail Shoppe, it is a wonderful experience! It is not only a place where you can get pampered but a place where people actually care. Girlfriends Nail Shoppe believes in healthy nails and there is no better way to have healthy nails then to have the educator/owner of the shop create a masterpiece with your nails each visit. I would recommend Girlfriends Nail Shoppe to anyone who is looking for great lasting nails!"
  • "I have been going to Girlfriends Nail Shoppe for 10+ years and have had nothing but great experiences. Shonelle and the ladies at the salon know everyone by name and go out of their way to accommodate their customers. The salon is clean, comfortable and inviting. It impresses me and gives me great joy knowing Shonelle can accommodate whatever nail art I choose. Whenever I have issues with my nails I take Shonelle’s recommendations and the issues goes away."
  • "The BEST!"
    Gloria G.
  • "My polish collection is complete...because it is at your shoppe!! Love that I never have to worry about my nails when I have you all!"
    Val Boeh
  • "If you are looking for a quick "slap and go" experience. Do not bother. However, if you are looking for a salon that customizes services based on your needs-then you are at the right place! I have had the opportunity to be a client of Shonelle at Girlfriend's for over 4 1/2 years. Hands down the best place for manicure and pedicure in Louisville!"
    Millicent M.
  • "After unsuccessfully trying to wear acrylic nails for years, I found Shoenelle! My nails never lift now and are perfect!"
    Teresa Metzger

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